Coach Ryan is dedicated to not only helping his prospects develop the physical and mental skills and tools they will need to play at the highest levels of baseball, he is dedicated  to helping them find - if they are interested - appropriate post high school playing opportunities.  Coach Ryan has a strong and long track record of successfully placing his prospects.

Recent Commitments

Past Prospects:

A More Complete List of Past Prospects:


Player College Pro Team
Andrew Godail Sam Houston State University Philadelphia Phillies
Anthony Azar Sam Houston State University
Blake Diver University Of Houston Victoria
Brandon Birdcell Texas A&M University
Brock Harrison University Of Texas San Antonio Arizona Diamondbacks
Caleb Smith Sam Houston State University New York Yankees
Chris Lopez Texas Southern University
Clayton Crum University of Oregon Chicago Cubs
Cody Eves TCU Cincinnati Reds
Cody Glenn LSU
Cole Atwood Sam Houston State University
Cole Lankford Texas A&M University St. Louis Cardinals
Connor Jordan Ole Miss
Corey Tubas Sam Houston State University Kansas City Royals
David Morano New Mexico
Drake Brittain Boston Red Sox
Dylan Thomas Colorado Rockies
Ethan Karnes University of Oklahoma New York Yankees
Garret Luce University Of Charleston
Horracio Correa University Of Texas San Antonio
Jeff Calhoun Dallas Baptist University
John Williams Rice University Chicago Cubs
Jordan Stevens Rice University Chicago White Sox
Keagon Sandford University of Houston
Kendrick Perkins Boston Red Sox
Lucas Morane University of Houston Cincinnati Reds
Luke Pluecheck Sam Houston State University
Luis Gonzalez Citadel Military College of South Carolina
Matt Mierior Villanova University
Michael Cooper University Of Indiana
Patrick Listey Dallas Baptist University
Patrick Thomas University of Central Florida
Perry Cooper UNLV
Reed Seeley Lamar University
Ryan Flynn Southern University
Ryan Vergick University of Houston
Shane Veedor Texas A&M Kingsville
Spencer Davis University of Central Florida
Ty Stuckie University of Houston Cincinnati Reds
Tyler Smith University of Kansas